I need some guidance. I don't have much experience with CNC machines in particular, outside of designing parts for them (design engineer) but I have plenty of experience building stuff. So I need some help getting started with my new project. Also, not sure if my expectations are realistic (I know they definitely aren't for buying a new CNC), hoping that building it will make this practical for me.

NOTE: I'm not looking to build a wire cutter so hopefully this is the right thread. I didn't see one for foam CNCs other than hot wire ones.

To give you an idea of what I'm going to be using it for. I need to CNC large foam plugs for aircraft (think really large R/C planes or really small UAVs). So, length is more important than width and I don't plan on using it for anything other than foam. Being able to use it for wood is a huge plus but not needed. I would need about 1.5m in length and 1m width min with appox. 300mm z-axis. The larger the better but anything more than 2 x 1.5 m won't be necessary, just a bonus. As for price, like anyone, I like free so the cheaper the better, but I'm willing to put the money in that's needed. I'd rather not spend more than ~$1250, though.

Min Dimensions : 1 X 1.5 X .3 m
Prefered Dims: 1.5 X 2 X .3 m
Material : Foam
Price: >$1250

If it's possible, to get a kit for under that with those criteria, then that's fine. Looking to source parts myself from plans to make it cheaper. This is more about the end product rather than the build but time and labor isn't a factor for me.

I'll be pairing this with something like the C-Beam.

All help is appreciated! and Thanks!

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