I’m running a citizen L32 with an adaptive guide bushing. I’ve never used one before so I’m not as tuned into it. We’re turning some heat treated 15-5 from 3/4 down to .255 for most of this 4 inch long part. I’m having all sorts of issues with tapering, chatter and just nasty stringy chips. I’m sure some is from the material but I wanna make sure I got everything as rigid as I can. Our only info in the book says you tighten the adaptive GB til you feel it bite then loosen 90 degrees and not to go off “feel”. Even when it’s claimed this feels to loose to me. I’ve already tightened it a little more and want to go a little bit more cause that seemed to help. Anyone got any tips on these things? Is this 90 degree thing true or do you gotta go less for a more snug fit on tough **** like this?

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