Homing and limit stop frustration

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Thread: Homing and limit stop frustration

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    Default Homing and limit stop frustration

    Hi folks.

    I have a Fineline Automation Saturn 4x4 machine that uses all CNC Router Parts components. The machine itself seems fine, so let's not start an anti Fineline Automation thread. :-)

    I have 3 axis --x,y,z. Nema 34 motors. CNC router parts plug n play ESS.
    Windows 10 with CNCRP version Mach 4. 16 megs of ram.

    So, envision a CNCRP 4x4 machine.
    I am a complete newbie, so take pity on my lack of understanding.

    Here are my problems:

    1. I can't seem to make Mach 4 understand the phyiscal dimensions of my workspace: 54" wide and 56" deep. Each time I try and home the machine by jogging the gantry, it always draws the homing position way out in front and over to the left. That's the correct position for home, but the Mach 4 suggests that the home location is way off the table and that is not the case.
    2. The limit switches: I can touch a piece of metal to them in turn and see them light up in Mach 4. However the window that shows the limit switches seems to show odd things. It shows the y- and y + fine. But only an X Home. No X right hand sensor when facing the machine. There is a ''slaved" limit sensor so I put that over on the x right hand side + I tried that and it lights up on the right hand side + of the x axis. The z sensor at the top of the z axis shows on the screen and lights when you touch metal to it.
    3. All axis pay no attention to any limit switches and slam into the rubber stops on all three axis. Sounds horrible.
    4. I know that you are supposed to set the pins etc and tried watching a few videos but nothing works. I tried this video to no avail:
    5. Soft limits don't seem to work either all axis--slam o matic into the rubber stops.


    What I would like to do is simply jog the gantries around the table to each corner and tell Mach 4 this is the front left corner, back left, etc.

    Is there a way for me to simply jog the axis to where I want to home to be and simply designate each of those coordinates as 0? I tried this, but when I press the home xyz axis it continues along until it hits the rubber stops.

    I just lack the electronics know how. That's why I bought the CNCRP's Plug and Play ESS and their version of Mach 4. Sadly it is not working as I had hoped even with the their "easy" three step configuration.

    I know this is radical but if I started over with WinCNC would it be easier to configure?

    If anyone reading this lives on Vancouver Island,BC and would like to come to the Comox Valley, there is beer and pizza in it for you!

    Thanks for reading. It's been a long day.


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    Default Re: Homing and limit stop frustration

    You don't jog the gantry to tell the machine where home is. You setup the axis and home positions and then hit the home all button to have the machine automatically move to the home position.

    I have never setup mach4, still running mach3 on my machine.

    Most CNC routers home to the front left corner as XY home,

    X-axis homing is setup as a "negative home" as it moves towards the lower numbers until it encounters the home switch. Y-axis is also normally setup as a negative home.

    If your machine is hitting the rubber stops before the limit switchs are triggered, then you need to move the machine as close as you want it to the rubber stops, and possition the limit switch so it is active at that point.

    Hope this helps.

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Homing and limit stop frustration

Homing and limit stop frustration

Homing and limit stop frustration