So I have been up and running on my CNC RouterParts PRO 4824, I have quite a few upgrades lined up for it including custom solid aluminum plate gantry supports, and changing from v-con to linear bearings, also a aluminum extrusion bed. But for an upcoming production part Im going to be selling I will be in need of a probe/edge finder.

I want an edge finder that is better than jsut a wiggler so I have been looking at 2 different probes, the passive Tormach probe and the CNC Shark probe from Rockler. Neither of these probes have a standard interface, would anyone be able to fill me in on how to use one of these on this PRO4824.

I use a gecko540 with the nema 23 motors, a Huanyang 1.5k watercooled spindle. software wise I run MACH3 and use Aspire 4.0. I also have solidworks and CAMworks but havent quite got my skills up with that yet, I am still figuring out how to use it. I also have VisualMill which is also beyond my skill level.

I hope this is enough info to help someone help me out.

Thanks for your time.

PS I apologize the build log for my system fell off, towards the end I didnt take a lot of photos and document well as I was anxious to finish it, but from here on out all upgrades iwll be video taped for my youtube channel. I attached a photo of what it almost looks like I have added some more mods to it a little bit to sturdy up my table.

Heres some photos

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