I was hoping someone would be able to help. I have a Matsuura MC-1000VS with MX5. Machine was running great, then it started to stop. When it stopped I will get the following error codes 331: Fuse (x) and 310: Servo Off. It seemed to happen when moving the x axis. However it would do this during a tool change, when the table isn't moving, or left on without anything running it may happen. I can run for a few hours and it runs great but then it will happen. It is very erratic. I swappedd the drives with my 4th axis drive(which we never used) and replaced the x axis motor. Nothing has changed. It is very unpredictable and it even happens when the table isn't moving. But its always the x axis that I have to reset.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I am trying to get this running but am having no luck tracking the issue. And there is really nothing in the book to help.

Thanks in advance

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