Hello everyone,

My company owns a 2002 Weeke Optimat BHC 550 running Homatic IPC & Woodwop 4.5 on Windows 98.
The issue we are having is surfacing a new spoilboard. Since there is no material on top of the spoilboard, the vacuum pulls right through and gives us a vacuum error which prevents us from running the program.
I've talked to company we bought the machine from and they had said to put 5 underscores in front of the file, i.e. "_____SPOIL.mpr" and it will ignore the vacuum error. This does not work. It doesn't even allow me to save file names longer than 8 characters.
For past spoilboards we've just covered most of the table with laminate and surfaced section by section. It works, but is time consuming and allows for a lot of deviation in the flatness of the board.
It is my understanding that there should be some way to ignore that vacuum error, or maybe even "turn down" the sensor to allow the program to run.
Any help on this issue will be greatly appreciated.

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