3D printed prototype worked as planned (of course couldn't use for routing, but to check, that get tool / leave tool mechanism works).

Now I'm working with steel & aluminium real version of it. I'm waiting some parts from our local REAL milling company. I need precision tooled
cone for ISO 10 tool holders from them first. Post tracking shows, it is on the way now and should arrive within next week.
After that I can assemble whole tool changer together.

I add an one video about tool changing demonstration to this message:

************************************************** ************************************************** **********
Okay folks... I had a big problem to get my ATC routine to fit Woodpecker board code memory.
But, finally I did it. (With Arduino UNO and Arduino MEGA 2560 didn't have any problems).

This video demonstrates how to get tool number 1 and then change it to tool number 3.
I will add soon my home made diy ATC holder for this 3018, but I have to wait some missing
parts from Aliexpress to do that.

I connected right side limit switch to woodpecker "probe" pin (since it is not needed with ATC anyway)
for showing, when tool holder "UNLOCK TOOL" phase is going on.

The noise of my 3018 came from almost dead toy screws and almost dead fan. I wait real, strong
linear bearings, REAL BALL screws and aluminum Z axel setup with real ball screw from aliexpres too.
After that, this little toy router is easily capable to mill aluminium too.

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