Kondia cnc powermill dro,manual operation, powerfeed light cnc

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Thread: Kondia cnc powermill dro,manual operation, powerfeed light cnc

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    Default Kondia cnc powermill dro,manual operation, powerfeed light cnc

    Here is the situation as short/detailed as i can make it:

    I have a Kondia CNC powermill (Bridgeport Clone). It *had* Summit/Dana bandit cnc, that has been removed due to condition/parts availability/outdated platform.

    At this point, I need powerfeeds for X,Y,KNEE,QUILL. I need a DRO also.

    Here comes my findings *so far*:

    I see that for the price of dedicated axis power feeds, I could easily buy a less expensive open stepper motor drive packages. I could use a pulse generator to control these individually ( cheap on ebay, I'm very electrical and won't have an issue there). Pretty sure that would work to drive and lock an axis. I am also aware you get what you pay for....

    With that, i am noticing i am coming close to "re-cnc-ing" the mill in the above.

    I also would like to retrofit a DRO on all 4 axis. I see a nice set up on ebay with scales $600ish. Has what i want, i can deal with the glass scales.

    I *ALSO* see there is such thing as closed loop stepper motors with position feedback. (See questions)

    My usage of the mill:
    Non official business for now.
    Small parts, singles, few offs (may increase slightly, but never a production environment ).
    Occational Modification of some really heavy parts (engine blocks, heads). Some repetitive.

    Repair of wide range of parts.

    My thoughts/questions/things i have thought of so far:

    Motor size, what would sufficiently move each these axis, in both a "manual" and CNC setting? I would like enough resolution/torque for a slow speed flycutter situation, for example, in x and y. 600 oz. With 2:1 ratio for slow speed control resolution(i am aware stepper motors make more torque at low rpm). ?

    1000 oz for knee? Maybe 4:1? Larger oz? 1600 oz?

    300 oz for quill? 1:1 ? It is a worm drive and not a floating quill as it is was a cnc model. This requires me to use a tap head for power tapping to help match feed speed power tapping manually. Would like good speed resolution here. Would a 2:1 drive be a better choice here?

    *If* i use this as CNC some, I am NOT LOOKING for fast Rapids, or even youtube worthy operation ???? would be looking to that for basic repetitive operations or possibly multiple pieces with rounds/other, that are time consuming manually.

    Can a closed loop motor be used to present coordinates on a laptop en lieu of an DRO? In other words, do the motors feedback position while i am moving it manually, and would that reasonably be viewable in say mach3 or the like? If i could SKIP buying a DRO, I can spend more on the CNC aspects.

    For a lower performance (i mean this in terms of speed) CNC, and using the steppers for power feed, would a package simular to this link,
    Work in such a situation? I am aware it is not the gecko drive set up, and there is more to buy, and some sellers do better providing everything for a bit more(the accessories add up).

    I am capable of making/have access to equipment for parts, for this, elsewhere if needed, and not scared of electrical (I'm a maintenance tech at a production plant).fabing this up will not be an issue.

    Sorry for the ultralong post, trying to fit all the details in to start with.

    A lot of questions, and thanks in advance. If there are any key words or phrases that could be provided for particular info, i can go read, and would appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Kondia cnc powermill dro,manual operation, powerfeed light cnc

    Hi E16 - You can use open or closed steppers and the machine controller will tell you where the tool centre is. I use UCCNC but Mach 3 mach 4, planet cnc etc etc all do this. To comment on the size stepper required we need to know the mass you are moving, the screw pitch and the acceleration required. Nema23 or 24's move very large machines with 5mm pitch screws.... If the machine has hand wheels then you can organise a scale or load cell and measure the load you can apply by hand. Then you can use this figure or more to calculate the torque, hence the motor size required. Cheers Peter

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Kondia cnc powermill dro,manual operation, powerfeed light cnc

Kondia cnc powermill dro,manual operation, powerfeed light cnc

Kondia cnc powermill dro,manual operation, powerfeed light cnc