[IMG]www.albusinnovation.com/1.jpeg[/IMG]ALBUS-Lathe CNC Conversion Spec

The Lathe works in 3 Main modes:

1.Manual Mode:
Only Z- feed support
DRO Support

2.Power Mode:
XZ -feed support
DRO Support
Semi automated functions like make Chamfer/Fillets/Cutting
Homing and Goto functions

3.G-code Mode:
Reads Gcode from microSD disc and executes it
Operates in Closed loop with DRO

Digital Read out system (DRO):
Diameter or X-Coordinates
Price 50$ per Axis (Max330 mm)
Keypad input of Zero/New data (X-Z-D)
Resolution 0.01mm
Uses modified WIXEY remote digital readout (Kit ~ 50$ each)
For other applications it can connect direct to PC USB as a ASII com port
Communicates with Lathe Controller (EMC protected) via plastic fiber
No electrical ground or signal connections for EMC protection

Extern Power Module:
48V 10A for BLDC Spindle & 24V 10A for Stepper
Separated Power Supply no Mains in the Lathe

Controller Opto-Barrier to Drive Boards
One Opto Barrier for each Driver(eg 3 for my Lathe)
Supports Stepper or BLDC Motor drives
Supports BLDC Tacho input
Direct Break signals from Cover/Safety switch
Contains Optical receiver for DRO Serial data 115200 baud
The Power for Barrier is taken from the connected Drive Module
Four input signals each from any type of sensor (+5 or +24)
Reset function to set zero DRO absolute

Lathe Controller:
Uses OLIMEX PIC32-HMZ144 module with hardware floating point
Price is only 30$ ((Electro Kit Sweden)
Shield board with switches and led for the front panel
4x20 char Display with Scroller and 4 keys
One MPG wheel
12 Key pad
4 Opto-barrier connectors for 3D milling machine and BLDC
Safety Keylock interface (Type car starter)

Lathe Software:
Built on Microchip Harmony free framework
All written "ground up" in C with Microchip free tools
Non Blocking code with ca 25 uS loopTime
Uses Bresenham's line algoritm (Like all the rest of the world)

Lathe Hardware:
Built using SIEG C3 Lathe Spare parts (from Arc Euro Trade Ltd)
90% of Conversing Parts done with Lasercut from DXF drawings
Those can be reproduced by any local metal sheet company
All Drawings are made in the free DraftSight CAD
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