Need Help! Acramatic 850sx SIBA 1 Error 00268

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Thread: Acramatic 850sx SIBA 1 Error 00268

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    Default Acramatic 850sx SIBA 1 Error 00268

    I have recently purchased a used Cincinnati Milacron 20vc - 2000, it was a fire sale and i knew i would have some issues to deal with. Im not proficient in working on control issues with these machines but i always take a stab at it before i call in a tech to work on it. I powered up the machine , host control initializes just fine. When i press the master start key the hydraulics fire up for a second and then i get an alarm. SIBA 1 error alarm # 00268. I have scoured the manuals and wiring schematics for hours and i cannot find a single piece of information about the alarm or the module itself. I see a NIBA module next to the I/O modules on the rack but again for some reason its not in the manuals or the schematics. Has anybody had this error before or is anyone able to shed some light on what SIBA or NIBA means and what it does. Any information would be greatly appreciated .

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    Default Re: Acramatic 850sx SIBA 1 Error 00268

    The 850SX MIA Rack would have a SIBA (Serial Interface Bus Adapter) or NIBA board right next to the power supply but not both.

    On the 850SX, Alert Code 00268 indicates -
    No I/O Racks connected
    Cause: No SIBAs are connected via HSSL to the PCA in its set time
    Correction: Check High speed serial link connections, Replace SIBA(s)

    What you are seeing could be as simple as an HSSL cable that has come loose - is the serial link cable plugged into your NIBA Board and your PCA?

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Acramatic 850sx SIBA 1 Error 00268

Acramatic 850sx SIBA 1 Error 00268

Acramatic 850sx SIBA 1 Error 00268