Hi, I am reaparing an A2100 control for a Cincinnati arrow 750.
The hard disk boot sector died as the disk has bad sectors but I managed to rescue the files, copy them over the image of another machine that's working and it boots, it's activated, etc...
The machine boots but it fails on step 3 "CNC.exe".
It detects the WS board but doesn't detect the RT board.
I have connected the RT board to a monitor, VGA card, keyboard, floppy, etc and used "2168A01.zip" and "CMOSBKUP" that I found in a thread to flash the bios since I think someone has previosly changed the battery and it wasn't giving the "offending segment" error that's supposed to give as I saw on this thread:https://www.cnczone.com/forums/cinci...-software.html
After flashing it (with a DOS 5.0 and a DOS 6.22 boot disks) it says it flashed OK but it still gives the boot error. It stops trying to boot from floppy (even not having changed the bios) and won't boot from anything unless I restore default settings so something is being written to the bios.
I think that maybe those are not the proper files for the machine. The main board is a P75 that won't accept bigger drives than 1-2GB.
The RT board I think is a 486 but I don't have the machine on hand, what I have is a copy of the files from the machine.
Maybe I can look something on a file to help identify the type of board so someone can link me the proper flash files or I can ask to my colleage a photo of the board or some part of the machine that you can point me to.

Thank you for your time.

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