I have a 3040T and am using the USB CNC Controller software. I downloaded the latest version of the software in order to get it to work with my Windows 10 machine. I've got the axis set right and am able to move it around. I am also able to run sample patterns but have not actually run a set with the spindle on.

I've watched a youtube video on setting up the Spindle Probe, but the newer version of the software has a different setting screen.

I've turned on the probe and when I contact the probe against the tool, the Z changes color. If I jog the spindle down until it touches, Z changes color and I am unable to use the controls to move the spindle back up until I disconnect the ground wire, so that appears to be communicating properly.

But, when I click the Z Measure button, it bottoms out. I've always done this with my finger on the power button, and turned it off and backed the spindle up manually. The video shows it barely touching then retreating.

Does anyone have instructions for the newer version, or a check list I can use?

Thanks in advance from a Newbie.

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