Hi all, after a long time away I have another machine.
I am using NcStudio again because it served me well for years and was pretty much set and forget for me.
The problem I have is I cannot work out the settings I need to select in the vfd to enable speed control using NcStudio. I have read the manual, searched high and low but have struggled to find guidance. The settings revolve around using SPL SPM & SPH.
The vfd is a Huanyang HY02D223B with a matching Huanyang 2.2kw water cooled,spindle, NcStudio is 5.5.60.
If anyone is using the same setup, would you mind sharing your PD settings with me please, I don’t want to take a guess and get it wrong.
Thanks for reading this, any shared settings would be much appreciate, cheers Rob

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