I have used the NK105's Array Process to generate gcode to create a 2 column, 9 row array of parts on a 4 x 8 sheet. Problem is, when I run the program, all the cycles are running in the same spot and aren't shifting according to the row and column spacing. The controller creates the array using a G992 command and a value for the I and J variables. I would expect the controller to generate code that it can understand. A call into Techo CNC support just got me a conversation with someone who couldn't figure it out and seemed to be a little perplexed with that problem>

Another issue is when I great a canned drill cycle, I get one drill cycle and then the program halts at the next XY move. It could be user error since I have been a slave to BobCad and never delved in to canned cycles and just used G01 and G00 to move the Z up and down.

A little frustrated here. Maybe someone could be kind enough to post a bit of code for me to copy and paste into my text editor? A simple 12" square with four mounting holes would be enough.

Thanks in advance.

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