I purchased one of these chinese 3040 CNC Machines recently. The problem is that I cannot get it to work with my computer and none of the threads on this forum related to cnc 3040 seem to help with this particular issue.

Here is what I've got:
- CNC 3040 with JP-382A controller board
- LPT <-> USB cable which identifies itself as "planet-cnc" in device manager
- Windows 7 64bit
- "Mach3" and "USB CNC Controller" software

Whenever I try to run mill with "USB CNC Controller" I see a prompt to update the driver yet the update process fails no matter how many attempts were made. So using "USB CNC Controller" is not an option until I get it to recognize the mill when using LPT <-> USB cable.

So I moved on to installing Mach3, copied the plugin "NCusbPod.dll" to Mach3/PlugIns, copied "M930.m1s" to Mach3/macros and all I got is error "Find No XHC NcUsbPod!". It seems that this plugin is not compatible with my JP-382A controller board as it appears to be designed for "Mach3 Motion Card".

I have read that an option is to use LPT <-> LPT cable instead but this would mean that I have to get an old computer with LPT to run this CNC machine alone. Another option is to buy a CNC Planet board with a license to replace currently installed JP-382A yet this appers to be quite expensive solution.

Any ideas what to do next to get it working without having to face additional costs?

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