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    Hi everyone, I recently got a good deal on a ZK-6090 cnc machine.

    For 3 days everything went really well. Today I made the mistake of pressing some buttons on the VFD (I was trying to turn it on manually like and idiot). After the button pushing the whole machine refused to start moving again.
    In fact Mach3, now keeps reporting an "External E-Stop Requested". When I turn on the machine the the VFD display flashes "F 0.0" ("F" flashes 0.0 is solid). Is this a failure code or is this simply telling me that the frequency is 0.0?
    Is it even possible that the VFD can send a estop signal to the controller?

    After looking at some previous posts I went to the Mach3 ports-and-pins page and switched the estop input to "active-low". This reset the Mach3 state, but when I tried jogging the machine the motors didn't move. The position indicator on the Mach3 interface however did show movement, which makes me think that the controller board on the machine is also picking up the estop signal and ignoring the movement commands from mach 3.

    The machine is fitted with a big red estop button that you push to activate and twist to reset. Pushing this button seems to turn off power to the machine and I have been using this to turn the machine on and off (which I realise now is also probably also a bad idea..).

    I checked the limit switches one by one and I can clearly see a led on the controller turn on every time i toggle one of them.

    Unfortunately my machine didn't come with any sort of manual and can't identify the brand or model of either my controller board or VFD. I have attached pictures of the machine, controller board and VFD. If anyone has any debugging suggestions or a lead on where I can find manuals for my hardware that would be very, very much appreciated.

    P.S. had some issues getting the pictures uploaded. I can try some other way of linking the images if that will be helpful.

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ZK-6090 CNC with Mach3 TIFU.

ZK-6090 CNC with Mach3 TIFU.

ZK-6090 CNC with Mach3 TIFU.