I just purchased the 3018 cnc from banggood with intentions on upgrading the drivers and spindle. I installed some silent stepper drivers and attempted to machine out a custom mount for the spindle, however while I wasn't paying attention the machine drilled through the plywood I was using, cut through the fr4 sheet I adhered the plywood onto, and drilled a whole through the aluminum bed. a few seconds after drilling into the aluminum, the cnc just stopped moving, and a few seconds after that, the spindle turned off. I stopped being able to control it using grbl controller and had to manually rotate the z-axis coupler with my fingers to pull the end mill out of the stock.

A day has passed and the issue still persists, grbl controller seems to detect the cnc but whenever I try to move it through grbl controller, nothing happens and no messages output into the console. Whenever I type in any commands like $3=5, nothing outputs into the console either. I'm not sure what's going on or how to fix it, any help would be appreciated.

Also no errors seem to be popping up when I start grbl controller anyways, it outputs "[CTRL+X]" when I start if up and nothing else. Nothing happens when I try to turn the spindle on or attempt to move the carriage around. The only button that seems to work is the restart button which once again, outputs "[CTRL+X]".

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