Newbie to the site but a long time lurker. I have a chinese 3040 mini cnc router that I've has about 2 years now. It has a JP-382c clone board with a legit license I purchased from planet cnc. I started getting issues with the y axis losing position recently during cutting and thought maybe the motor was the culprit. swapped out with no change. I turned it on the other day after moving everything out to my new workshop area from the basement. Plugged everything in and figured I'd try to diagnose the issue. Now the Y axis does not move at all if I start program and the x and y are supposed to be moving at the same time. If I cut a square it works fine, but if I try to cut a circle I get all but zero y movement. I tried swapping all cable to include the short runs inside control box and nothing changed. All the axes jog manually with no issue. Z and x move perfectly. I can jog x and y at the same time as well. I verified it is not the frame binding by taking off the motors and running them sitting on the bench. I am using usb cnc motion controller as that is the program that came with that I had been using successfully up until now. I'm leaning towards an issue with power delivery onboard to the y axis pinout but since I have no knowledge base with these boards I was looking for someone that might be able to tell me what kind of voltages I should be looking for with each pinout combo or if possibly the IC chip is fried. I have the ability to solder new resistors and IC if necessary but need help getting to that point.

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