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    Hello everybody, in advance, im new on CNC machines so im trying to learn so please have mercy on me, thank you for any help you can provide... I purchased a Jcut Jinan 1530R4 CNC router 5x10, im running into a problem with the Z axis, when I command all axis to return to origin the Z axis goes down to the limit, stops makes a noise like it wants to keep going and the value keeps going, and when I move the Z axis with the hand controller I go counter clockwise to make the Z axis go up and dialing clockwise goes down, I know it supposed to be the opposite... when I make the Z axis go up with the wheel controller counter clockwise when it goes to limit it drops back down, not sure whats happening here.... the machine is an ATC Multi spindle, 4 spindles to be more specific... Can anybody give me some advise or does anybody know how to troubleshoot this issue?????....

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Jcut Jinan CNC Router 1530R4

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