Setup is as follows;
6kW HSD router
850W YASKAWA servo motors

Yaskawa servo controllers / encoders
Delta VFD-B frequency inverter

Mach3 (with MACH3 USB board)
post processor, usually .txt from Vectric V-Carve pro and Fusion360

I have been running this machine for 2 years and there are occasional ....stutter problems (for lack of a better description), but today there was a scary glitch. I was running a file with around 40k g-code lines and as it was taking ages to run, I kept nudging the feed rate faster and faster (up to maybe 220 ipm). It suddenly jumped dramatically and when I looked at the jog-follow screen, it appeared that it was cutting right off the part. I hit the STOP button in Mach3 and the z-axis plunged (slammed) down into the work and I hit the emergency stop. The z-axis & spindle stopped but Mach3 appeared to continue to plunge down until I hit reset.

It's never done anything like this before. I'm running Mach3 on Windows7 and I had replaced the 8GB RAM last week (after a RAM failure). I re-booted Mach3 and was easily able to to retract Z-axis. But I'm not sure what happened... did it lose it's limits?... did the encoder glitch?

Does anyone have any ideas about what might have happened and/or are there things I should be doing (maintenance or otherwise)?

Thanks in advance!

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