I am new to this machine, quite familiar with the process tho.

I have been upgrading the machine to have limit/home switches, as well as coolant temp read out and mach3 controlled relay for the coolant pump itself.

My question however is I have noticed that the VFD has a REV terminal, the controller which is the USB version red card, has the forward wire in the #2 output. Mach 3 has the Spindle relays as fwd 2 and rev 2.

If i moved the current wire to output 1 added a second wire at output 2 going to the REV terminal on VFD, and changed the settings in mach3 to FWD 1 and REV 2 would mach 3 be able to control and change the direction of the spindle?

Thanks in advance.

PS if anyone is interested I will be printing 3D parts to attach all of my limit switches using currently available attachment points with no drilling or tapping required. I may also put together per assembled kits that just need installed.

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