Using GRBL 1.1 with a Woodpecker and the provided Candle program, I can successfully home the machine and then move to an absolute position to set the working home location on my jig. Then reposition to issue commands to set the Z location for my working home. The commands I run from within Candle are these:

G0 X-37.8 Y-34.1 >> this is the jig x/y home
G92 X0Y0
G0 X20 >> move over to set the z working home position using a probe on the A5 pins.
G21G91G38.2Z-30F100 >> search (using the alligator clip probe)
G38.2Z-2F10 >> search a second time but slower to improve accuracy
G92 Z0

That works if i run it from within Candle, but if i run it from a file I moved onto an offline controller, the first G0 command sends the router off to the wrong location (not even close). I'm not sure what's wrong, but am trying to understand if Candle is doing anything else behind the scenes to set the working home location to -1 on all 3 axis (the current offset setting for $H). Any ideas on what I might be missing?


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