hello all, (sorry if double post, previous one didn't seems to worked)

very new to laser engraver.
I need to engrave (write a word or 2) on small plastics buttons (like 1cm by 1cm)

We sent buttons to both of those companies and they returned great.


those machines seems overkill and a more affordable solution would obviously be appreciated.

we might have to engrave metal and painted metal too (less than 1% of the workload)

been able to build a template so I can place 10-20 buttons would be great as I will do hundreds of them. so I would like to be able to build some sort of support where I can place all buttons and they would be perfectly aligned. that template could be of any materials, as long as the engraver can either cut that material or dig it slightly so buttons are holding in place.

im fine with made in china. as long as I can have a supplier in north america for parts and support.

any recommendations?

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