I spent all afternoon setting up the operations to cut a multi cavity casting mold. I started around 11:00 and except for a couple short sanity breaks worked through until about 5:30. Call it six hours of work give or take. At about 5:30 I had checked all my mistakes and finished a simulation using Camotics and the Camotics plug-in. Then I just copied and pasted all the parts, tweaked a few, added and deleted a couple, and then applied an X-1 scale transformation to all the copies. I finished a cut simulation on the other half the mold by 5:42.

6 hours 30 minutes elapsed time to CAM and simulate side 1. 12 minutes to CAM and simulate side 2. The mirror image.

I know. I know. You guys who are still lying to Autodesk about just being a hobbyist could setup the whole job in half a second. LOL.

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