hi, does anyone use the CSMIO/IP-M motion controller by cs-labs. I am trying to find out how to wire a tool setting probe to the unit. When it comes to electrical things I am really thick. so if this sounds like a fool question please forgive me. Am I right in thinking that the probe needs a live feed ??? in my case it would be 24volts as that is the power supply I have in the machine. am I right that if I take a free outlet pin from the CSMIO/IP-M and use this to power the tool setter probe and then connect the probes cramp to the tool in the spindle on the earth side and then feed this earth back to the same number free pint on the input side of the CSMIO/IP-M then I have completed the wiring correctly/ or am I being a total fool. can anyone please help me out here. thanks. michael

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