Would like to find someone I can call on for technical service on our 2 bridgeport machines. We have a 1996 Bridgeport Ez Trak mill and a 1996 Bridgeport Ez Path SD II lathe. We bought both of these machines new, and so far ive been able to work my way through the minor issues we've ran into, I know as these machines age something will happen thats beyond my paygrade soon enough, latest was a BMDC board issue. I don't want to wait till something breaks then be in a frantic search for a tech, hoping I can get someone lined up before something happens. We are located in Bend, Oregon. The company is H2powerTech if youd like to look us up. If you have a tech and or are a tech please contact me with your rates and rough response time if you had to be onsite.

Thank you!

Cody Cleveland

Cody Cleveland
Mechanical Engineering Technician
Direct: 541-322-1086
Mobile: 541-409-7168

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