I have been tasked with getting a GX300 up and running. It has a Fanuc 0i-MD control and I have been "figuring it out" over the last couple months. I deleted some of the macros to make room for programs, and then found out I need them. Luckily we have 2 and I copied the macros from the other machine. I am trying to get the machine to work with the Renishaw TS27R tool setter, which was some of the macros I deleted. I am able to get the machine to run a calibration cycle on the tool setter, but when I try to get another tool in my crib to touch off it will start and come within about 6-8 inches and fault. What am I doing wrong? I don't see a place in offsets to put the tool length when running the calibration macro and It won't auto populate the tool number that I'm using. Can't find the info in Google either.

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