My VMC 1000/22 with DX-32 controller is having an issue. Any time the spindle stops I get an alarm "SPINDLE NOT UP TO SPEED IN TIME". It doesn't matter why it stops, whether it be manually, for a tool change during a program, or at the end of a program. If I try to run it at low RPM, say 150 or less, it will start then throw the alarm after 5 seconds. This issue is intermittent, although it happens 95% of the time or more often. Every now and again if I command a tool change the spindle will orient itself properly, then the machine will wait indefinitely. I then have to restart the machine.

I can set different RPM levels within a part program, and no issues. I have tried messing around with parameter 193. If I set it any longer than the factory 5 second setting, the machine will wait for the allotted time to expire, then throw a "SPINDLE ERROR" at me.

I have found a couple threads on various forums with the exact same issue but no resolution. I am hoping someone can throw me a bone here!


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