Hello everyone, complete newbie here. I got a Bridgeport series 2 with a fanuc OM and a OTC controller. Now of course it does not have Parameters as it had been in storage and the battery failed (no backups either), so I have been trying to re-enter them based on ones I found on other forums. Now my issue is I'm not really sure what the model is aside from a Bridgeport series 2 so the parameters I found probably are not right. I also am a bit confused between the parameters and the diagnostic parameters? Now another question I have is I can't get out of DVI mode on the controller to edit mode any suggestions (was wondering if memory protect key had to be switched I unfortunately do not have a key)? I've included some pictures, any insight into the above or the machine model or a copy of parameters or where to find would be much appreciated (or really any help lol).
link to google drive pictures https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hb...bEx4nPGoKb7CK4 (couldn't upload)

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