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    Hello to all
    Hawe problem with bosch cc100m controller
    Lost parametres due to no change off batery.
    Purchase these machine in germany with these problem
    Now the machine its in my factory ,installed
    In the book the are parametrez from p1 to 131.
    Did load these parameres and the machibe its giving my allarm eeprom
    And when we try to referenc the axis the z axis its referencing ok but the x and y will not and give alaram 249 interpolator stop fehler or error.
    The drives in the back off the machine are not from bosch they hawe change u to parker ssd 514c models
    Must by some issue with factory parametres dont match up with these drives ?
    Never haw a bosch controller in my factory
    What its the procedure after loosing parameters ?
    Thanks in advance to all

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Bosch cc100m controller

Bosch cc100m controller

Bosch cc100m controller