I picked up this Cummins mill in a deal for it and a nicer desktop mill I posted in another thread. The Cummins unit looks to be a variation of X2 and a kludge that has been retrofitted with steppers and gecko stepper drivers. Has the oddball 62.5/1000 per turn acme lead screws but that may not matter for computer control - would be a major pain for manual operation. For X they replaced the end plate with a plate for the stepper and coupled to the free end of the lead screw opposite the handwheel. For Y they added a bracket and coupled to where the knob goes. For Z they added some 80/20 type frame, pulley with counterweight, and lead screw. It has a drill chuck for spindle and some sort of taper - Maybe MT3.

Looking for a bit more info on the base machine. Little Machine Shops comparison chart of various suppliers details mentions Cummins model 7877 as a footnote but mine is 3115. Thinking mine may be older but just a guess. I understand this came from the same company in China as HF, Grizzly, and others. Looks like they stopped putting Cummins name on things about 10 years ago or more. Didn't have much luck with the wayback machine either. I could start by comparing table travel to the other similar models and get manuals for those.

Will try to post a few pics later.

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