I currently have a Benchman 2000 with an active ATC that operates on 90 PSI air. When I connect air to the machine, the Spindle Load bar on control display goes from no load (green) to exceeded load (red) immediately BEFORE I turn the spindle on. I initially thought it was a bad sensor somewhere in the drawbar head; however, I sometimes get a spindle overload (red) when running spindle at max RPM of 5000 with air disconnected. I have also disconnected the air to the tool drawbar head with same result. The machine will typically shut down if in the red zone too long even with spindle not turning. I can disconnect air after 20 to 30 seconds and spindle load goes back to green; however, it still runs high side of green compared to a second Benchman 2500 that I have. The spindle turns freely when air is connected and I have not detected any heat while running. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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