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Thread: spindle rpm readout on pc

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    Default spindle rpm readout on pc


    i am thinking a milling machine conversion to cnc.

    i have some things to figure out yet and i would appreciate any help.

    please forgive my silly questions but i am not having any experience with that kind of machinery.

    the milling machine is a Optimum bf20L equivalent to Grizzly 604 or 704 i am not sure.. the machine has a dc motor installed with a potensiometer and a speed readout from a sensor on the spindle.

    1)is there a way to connect the mach to that sensor so i will have an rpm indicator?how you guys do that?

    2) is there a way to control the motor speed within the mach?

    for the momment i would like to keep the stock motor and the two speed gearbox.the max speed in this momment is 1250rpm in speed1 and 2500rpm in speed2. i am not thinking to swap the motor yet and i will stay with the 2500rpms until i am up and running.

    plan B is to change the motor and use a vfd. same problem here. Yes mach can control the vfd but still have somehow to connect the spindle sensor to the mach. how?

    Do i realy need a speed indicator on mach? how you guys running your machines? set the speed at the mill control panel and simple start the gcode running?


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    Default Re: spindle rpm readout on pc

    Also a nuub to cnc. But I may be able to shine a light for you.

    My setup does not have a RPM read- out in Mach3. After many hours of practicing Google-Fu and cross checking with different motion control cards - but from the same company.

    My USB MKS4-V motion card cannot read/use the spindle inverters RPM signal. It seems you would need to check and make sure the motion card your buying can use the inverters RPM signal.

    My MK100 inverter does output a signal that could be used for the RPM readout, but my card does not have the brain cells to use it. Maybe her mother didn't drink enough or to much Whiskey during its pregnancy.

    Hope that none specific answer helps you out.

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spindle rpm readout on pc

spindle rpm readout on pc

spindle rpm readout on pc