2 things with this pm25 clone of mine.

Y tramming isn't happening. Odd one and frustrating.
I reckon I've narrowed this down to be an issue with the area of the head the spindle is cast into.

If you get the table, column & head perfectly level the spindle is off 0.4mm over 170mm distance of the table YThus meaning you need to drastically shim the head.

If you shim the column by 0.2mm to tilt it back, the spindle is level but the head & column are not and when you bring Z down it gone out by 0.2mm over 100mm distance. Can't win.

Had every measuring tool on this, 0.01mm dial indicator, brand new engineers square, digital angle block.
Using the angle block with the column level you can see:
Y dovetails=0deg, table=0deg, column=90deg, top of head=0deg, spindle=90.7deg. So the spindle alone is off!

It's a version with a 1100 watt motor fitted with 3000rpm max speed.
I've noticed the controller is a 750w, 2500rpm rated unit. Bit strange.

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