TL: DR: Is Inventor CAM Ultimate good in comparison to other CAM software? Would it be good for a CNC router projects?

I just bought a new laptop and went to install some of my available software in the Autodesk Product Design and Manufacturing Collection... and noticed a piece of software that I haven't seen before or even knew existed. Inventor CAM Ultimate 2021.

I'm wondering how this software stacks up against all the other software that is available? There are multiple software just in this collection that could potentially be used... Fusion 360, HSMWorks Ultimate, and Inventor CAM Ultimate. Then there are what seems to be dozens of other pieces of software that I've seen mentioned on this Forum.

I am currently working on designing a CNC router that I will build over the next 6 months (as I get the expendable money to do so). Thank you all for posting information and your builds, I'm learning and enjoying this site very much so far.


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