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    I've rebuilt a YANG SMT500 and busy with commissioning it.

    I'm new to the machine and never actually run it before.

    The tool changer has 2 issues.
    Stops mid code
    Sometimes a loud crack when releasing the tool.

    It does appear that setting G54 parameters upsets the process, but I'm hesitant to try too many options so as not to break anything.

    Here is the Auto tool changer program

    1	%
    2	:9020(TOOL CHANGE MARCO) 
    3	M9 			        Coolant Off	
    4	G94			Feed Per minute			
    5	IF[#1015EQ1]GOTO50 	Checking tools
    6	IF[#20EQ#0]GOTO40	       Checking tools
    7 	#106=BIN[#1032]		       Checking tools
    8	IF[#106EQ#20]GOTO30	Checking tools
    9	#1100=1			16 BIT PARAMETER
    10	#101=#4001 		System variables for modal information - G00, G01, G02, G03, G33 (Group 01)
    11	#102=#4002 		System variables for modal information - G17, G18, G19 (Group 02)
    12	#103=#4003 		System variables for modal information - G90, G91 (Group 03)
    13	G17G91G80G0G49 		XY Plane/Incremental Positioning/Turn Off canned cycles/Rapid/Tool compensation off. 	
    14	M19			        Spindle orientation
    15	M86			        Auto Door Close
    16	M07			        Air Blast			
    17	G1Z60.F4000. 		Move @ Feed to 60mm Rate 4000
    18	G30Z0. 			        Move Z to machine Zero point
    19	T#20 			        I presume move to tool stored in memory #20 
    20	M07			       Air Blast	
    21	G0Z-74.			       Z Rapid to -74
    22	G1Z-60.			       Z Feed to -74, (Rate 4000 from above)
    23	G28Z0. 			       Zero return the tool to its zero position via a reference point at rapid speed
    24	G#101G#102G#103		Reset parameters
    25	#1100=0			16 BIT PARAMETER
    26	M87			      Oil mist/air blow ON
    27	G90G95 		      Absolute dimensioning mode/Feed per revolution mode
    28	N30M99 			Return back to the main program
    30	%

    Line 17 Move Z to 60 mm Which reference is this ? Machine Zero or G54. It must be Machine Zero but where is the G54 disabled ?

    Line 15 M86 - Is this maybe a canned cycle for the tool change ?

    Is there a Fanuc parameter that is set to know if the coolant was set on or not ? Maybe M86 and M87 are those parameters.

    ATC G-Code-toolpost-jpg

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ATC G-Code

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