Hey G'day folks,

I've just fallen over this supplier went and paid him a visit today to have a look at what he sells.
He is a gem of a supplier of all things aluminium profiles 3d printer supplies etc etc.


I've just purchased some 4020 profiles .01cent per mm picked up 30 metres for my new project. He's pretty much a one man show. The guy that owns the place is an engineer by trade and has a full time job. He is also a hobbyist who understands the building of all things wonderful. If your in Victoria his small warehouse is in Campbellfield. Quite literally he is a once stop shop. No matter what it is that you need.
His prices are pretty excellent on his full range. He supplies linear rails as well. He will also cut to specific sizes if required.
Parts for CnC/3d printers

May be worth checking out.

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