Hey Guys G'day.

Ok firstly the thank you to those that posted and assisted me on getting the axbb and breakout board going. Without the assistance of the forum members you know who you are, I would have been spinning like a penny and not be any the wiser. TY TY and TY... It's not just that I managed to put together a new controller the major in this exercise is that I learned a lot from people who have been over the same ground and have spent the time to post and assist possibly stupid obvious questions from me..

OK here's the good news!! It's all good news.

I put the new box together, switched it on, left it for a couple of hours to do a burn in, no SMOKE!! nothing was hot, no wires crossed. First step awesome...
Re calibration of the steppers was in order took my time - calibrated over short medium and long distances. Got it to I believe as accurate as you can get it.
I loaded a file for a small carving, and let it go through the steps as a dry run so my machine was not under any load, ran for about 3.5 hours perfect.

First thing I notice was the lack of growling steppers, not all of them were growlers just one which was the A slave for the Y. Gone no more growling!! Why? I don't know..
All of my stepper motors are about 70% quieter! I have no reason why, they just are, they chirp for want of a better description! My budgies seem to be happy as well!
My steppers are not running as hot actually they were not even really warm - if you touch them you can tell they have some temperature to them and if they stay that way I'd be most happy, this may change under load by how much I'll let you all know.

So all boxes are ticked to the positive so far.

Before I seal my box, I'm waiting for a computer fan to arrive from Sydney. I have a tone of them but not a one that's 5v or 24v all are 12v. Ebay 24v pc fan, I think I paid around $10 for it.

So 5 steppers, everyone of them seem to have the same chirp neither are hotter than the other. Rotary working as intended etc etc.

The experience so far even though at times frustrating for me due to my lack of personal knowledge of the components, has been very satisfying!!!

Next day or so I'll do an actual job put it under some stress and see what gives, hopefully nothing untoward.

Thank you for the assist!!

Avagreatday all...


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