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Thread: Cutting out stencils in Aluminium

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    Exclamation Cutting out stencils in Aluminium

    Hi I hope someone can help. I'm wanting to cut out some aluminium sheet and make letter stencils and metal signs.

    I have access to a CNC machine I can borrow that has Vectric Aspire setup - but I'm a completely novice! The machine I'm borrowing only usually does wood too which doesn't help as I can't get tips from the owner!

    I basically want to do this but in metal:

    Now if my metal is only 1.5mm thick or less, what is my best way to do this? I thought I'd probably just use the "Profile" toolpaths but I'm not sure if that is the best way?

    Also do I go for the lowest or fastest spindle speed? To prevent the metal warping... Also is it best in 1 pass or several etc?

    Sorry for all the questions. I tried to work it out myself by just having a few goes. I wasted quite a bit of metal !! Some of the cuts would have a jaggered raised edge and not smooth, some would warp and parts of letters would fall out or be destroyed etc etc. The spindle would just come in fast and destroy my lovely idea haha. I did use G Wizard Calculator to try work out speeds and such but any tips or what toolpaths to use etc would be really appreciated.

    Thanks so much for any help

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    What tool are you using (diameter, flutes, material, coating, manufacturer)

    Is it an aluminium cutting endmill?

    What feed and speed are you using?

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Cutting out stencils in Aluminium

Cutting out stencils in Aluminium