At present, the varieties of CNC Machining lines are rigid automatic lines and flexible CNC Machining lines. Which kind of CNC Machining lines should be placed in CNC Machining field should be confirmed according to the change of products and output. If a large number of production lines are produced, and compared with mature production lines, then rigid lines should be chosen, because the work efficiency is high. However, if it is in small and medium batches, and the product has a positive change, then flexible line should be selected, because the production process of this line is a set of control, and it is suitable.

The other factors, such as the degree of change of CNC production line, the life cycle of products and the transformation of products, are also included in our research on the needs of choosing production line. In this respect, flexible production line is better than rigid production line, because it is more sensitive, more adaptable, and can reduce the investment crisis.

At present, there is a new method of CNC manufacturing line, which is the combination of automatic line and flexible CNC machining center, resulting in the production line, mainly automatic line. To ensure the accuracy and stability of the production line, CNC Machining is used for other processes. This production line also has certain advantages, so there will be, but also according to the nature of the situation to determine whether it is appropriate, can not be confused to use.

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