Tool changer stuck! HELP

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Article: Tool changer stuck! HELP

  1. Tool changer stuck! HELP

    1 Comments by Genuwine_Vek Published on 05-07-2014 01:17 PM
    Hey, I have a selexx mate cnc. I hope i can explain this properly.

    Here's the issue, the machine got stuck changing tools. The carousel(or tool magazine) and the chuck are still connected and the carousel won't return to it's original place. While running an operation the cnc went to change tools but the chuck spindle was higher on the Z axis than usual so when the tool went to clamp, it first went over the carousel on then down into the clamp. This made a noise but it still seemed to have clamped ok but it's been stuck there, unable to be seperated. in JOG i can still move along the x and y axis but not the z axis.

    the alarm codes that show up are
    (2017) (A1.7) #1 sp. TOOL CLAMP DOWN SENSOR
    1002 (2002) (A0.2) #1 TM BACKWARD SE

    because of these alarm codes constantly being on, the maching won't register any command.

    Here's what i've tried.
    reset button, mtmrt button on remote, both together, mtmrt button on the maching itself, turning maching off/on, in MDI i tried to enter a command to return the tool to the carousel and also to finish the tool change, jogging the z axis back up. I've tried all this with and without suction and with and without the vacuum safety bypass...
    My maintenance guy is gone until may 11th and spamming the reset and mtmrt isnt working (it worked last time this happened)
    i'm worried the sensor might have actually been damaged this time...but i have no idea

    I'm at a loss, i've been googling possible solutions every since.

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    I realize it has been several years, but do you remember the solution to this issue?

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Tool changer stuck! HELP

Tool changer stuck! HELP