View Full Version : Controller or cam?

04-19-2005, 12:44 AM
As usual, I am confused. Does Mach2 eliminate the need to buy a CAM package? I want to find something that will allow me to import existing BMP's and JPEG's and similar simple pictures, gray scale and engrave. I was under the impression that I needed to get a CAM program, then iI stumbled on this and was impressed. Will I still need a CAM program if I start using this software or not?

04-19-2005, 01:29 AM
Yes, I believe Mach2 is a limited image to GCODE converter as well as a machine controller...

In other words, I "believe" it will import .jpgs .dxf and a few others and turns that image into GCODE.

You then load your new GCODE and mach2 outputs the GCODE as TTL signals (Acts as a machine controller).

I am new to mach2 so you should wait for more experienceded responses. But in short the answer to your question is; Yes, you can import .bmp's directly to GCODE.

04-19-2005, 08:21 AM
As mentioned, Mach2 can engrave pictures, as well as convert .dxf files into g-code. But you have very limited control over the process. It might be enough to get you started, but you might eventually want to look at some CAM software. I'd recommend SheetCAM and MeshCAM. They serve 2 different purposes, so you might need one or the other, od you might need both.