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02-17-2010, 06:45 PM
These beta versions are for testing only and are intended to help us work out problems before updates are released. To download, go to www.ncplot.com and click the NCPlot v2 link.


NCPlot v2.20 BETA 6 Release Notes
February 16, 2010

Bug Fixes

Fixed crash on startup when using a 3dconnexion device with Windows XP.

When an edited file was closed via the menu File / Close the confirmation message would appear twice before the file closed.

When a non-edited file was active it was possible to close an edited file without save confirmation.

When a loaded file was locked by another application is was possible to lose your edits when NCPlot closed. NCPlot now lets you know when a file has been locked.

Fixed a couple of bugs in the remove redundant endpoints tool.

System variables #4314 and #4315 were not being set, these are the modal values for the "N" and "O" addresses, respectively.

Fixed the blend arc calc tool for lathe configurations

The macro translator tool was allowing macro statements through into the resulting code if used before the first g-code or motion block.


Improved printing support:

Printing selected text will now allow printing the colorized text.

Added a print preview window for the viewport printing.

Removed the printing setup menu option, printing operations now use a common setup dialog.


The entity info window will now close automatically when closing the file that is currently the active viewport file.

Added font info as comments for the text to g-code tool.

Added support for G18/G19 during polar coordinate mode G16.

The rotate tool now allows rotating in the G18(ZX) and G19(YZ) planes.

The extended work offset commands G54 P and G54.1 P will now allow the "P" address to be anywhere in the block.

Added a preferences setting that allows the translation tools to update values in macro expressions.

Variable Display Window

The variable display window is now dockable. Also re-arranged it slightly and added the animation speed slider control.

The variable display will now show common variables that are assigned by the program regardless of their contents.

Improved the way the variable list was being drawn. When there was enough variables being displayed to show the vertical scroll bar, the old method caused the list display to jump back to the top of the list after each block in the program. This has been fixed so that the variable list will stay where it is even while animating a program.

DXF Converter

Fixed DXF direction indicators for non-top views. The direction arrows were always pointing in the same direction regardless of the viewport orientation.

There is a new menu called "Scale". The menu allows you to apply a scale factor to the loaded DXF drawing.

Deleting entities from the viewport after loading a DXF file for conversion would cause an error. The error has been fixed a there is new behavior for deleting DXF entities. You can now only delete entites after chaining has been applied. When the delete key is pressed the chains belonging to any selected entities are removed from the drawing.



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Thanks Scott.
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