View Full Version : Need Help! CUT2D with Torch

02-01-2010, 04:07 AM
Tony and co,

Is there a simple way of being able to generate GCode output for a designed part, which will allow a plasma torch to be enabled (torch on) just prior to the start of a move and once this move is complete, switch off again (torch off), repeating until the job is complete.

** The plasma is 3 phase and there is a requirement to have the z-axis usable for other work. Trying to pre-empt replies asking why not leave the torch on for the entire job.

My initial thought, is there a post processor which will add M3 & M5 commands (which will be read as torch on and off respectively) for CUT2D to do this?


Should I just write a script which looks for Z2.0 and Z5.0 (these will be heights for cutting and moving to the next sequence to cut) and replace this with something like:

Z2.0M3 & Z5.0M5

which would allow me to achieve what i'm trying to do (messy way of having to do it but better than doing it for the entire code)


05-14-2010, 12:56 PM
Can you add a switch to your Z axis to turn on the plasma when Z is down, and then raise Z to turn it off?