View Full Version : DMU 80T millplus control

01-18-2010, 03:46 PM
hello ,
i can buy a dmu 80T from 1995
is has a mill plus control (philips taken over by grundig now it is from heidenhain so far i know.

-howe big /smal is the memory)
-is it possibel to mil in a DNC mode? from a pc?
-howe fast or slow is the control (block speed)
-is there loock ahead in this control?

i whant to mil moulds with the machine i need the 650 x axsis from this maschine witch is quite rear for this relative smal maschines.
-has sombudy exsperiance with this maschine?
- can it mil moulds without undercut max 20mm deep?
-howe dose it behave in 3D milling?

i have experiance in philips 432 lathe/ bosch cc320 controls mil
programming is done in onecnc
from holland
lars van beurden