View Full Version : post for Rhinocam to Weeke machine?

01-04-2010, 10:11 PM
does anyone know of a post processor for Rhinocam that creates a .mpr file?
our machine is a Weeke Vantage 34m, which uses Woodwop. Apparently .mpr files are not standard g-code and Mecsoft does not currently offer a post. I have sent Woodwop files to them to look at and they tell me that it's possible to have a post created for about $1200. this would be "untested" software (possibly buggy) and I'm curious if anyone is currently using something that would work. we haven't purchased rhino yet, but it seems the best match for our work (window display). I'm also thinking about Maya, but could be a similar problem.

any thoughts would be great!

Brent C
11-11-2010, 12:28 PM
Stiles sells a Weeke (.mpr/ WoodWop) post for rhinocam...But look out...like everything Stlies does they hit you hard for it. It really irritates me that they set up a control system that is completely proprietary and then lock you out of off-line programing unless your willing to buy their permission to do so. RhinoCam has a long list of post-processors available for FREE download-but you won't find Weeke/WoodWop on that list. Seems like all the other equipment manufactures offer their posts to increase the attractiveness of their machines while Stiles seems to hold onto the attitude that if your lucky enough to own one of their machines you are blessed with the opportunity they provided and what you really bought was the right to use their machine....Arrogant!