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12-26-2009, 08:24 PM
Hello people,

Does anyone know a real high quality manufacterer that makes MT2 or 3C collets that goes direct in the spindle and clamps the endmill??

I see a lot on ebay etc. but no one releases a runout data etc.

Is there a manufacterer website instead off webshops??

Kind regards,

Roy B.

12-28-2009, 12:11 PM
How high quality can you afford? How high quality do you actually need?

Hardinge, in the USA, still makes MT2 collets. IIRC, their standard grade collets are around the $100 price mark each. If you desire accuracy, they will make higher grade collets for considerably more money. Their accuracy specs can be found on their website.

Are you running them in a spindle that is actually accurate to a level that paying for accurate collets is worthwhile? I have a couple machines that use MT2 collets, and would not be willing to spend the kind of money Hardinge wants for theirs.
In Europe, look for Schaublin stuff too (priced as high or higher than Hardinge, if bought new). I have seen some Schaublin collets with Emco milling machines, so I know that they were available, though they may not be any longer.


Andre' B
12-28-2009, 12:22 PM
I got a set of the TTC brand from Travers the runnout was under 0.001 TIR.
So not great but usable.

With just a little effort I could probably make my own much better collets.

I use them with an R8 to #2MT adaptor, pull the collet tight with a draw bolt thru the R8 holder then remove the bolt and put it in the R8 spindle. Provides repeatable Z lengths is not much larger then the diameter of an ER16 nut, but will hold a 1/2" end mill and take a lot more machining pressure then the ER16 holders.

12-28-2009, 05:27 PM
Thanks a lot guys,

The hardinge collets are indeed nice, found them a few minuts after i posted the question. i want to design a nice benchtop lathe for making small very precise parts for my rc car. Think the workpiece have to be in the 0.0005 inch region.
Allready have all the motion parts, but the spindle i want to make myself (a nice company)

Think i will go for the ER16 collet, the parts are very small (3 - 6 mm and 40mm long ) forces are very low and the er collets cann be bought for a good price ( 0.0002 inch )

kind regards,


12-29-2009, 07:34 AM
I've been working up a small headstock design, and always end up favouring conventional "drawback" collets, even though the spindle gets bigger.
I'm a great fan of ER kit, use all from ER11-ER40 for toolholding, BUT there are times I want to grip really short pieces for turning and I'm just not confident about ER's if the workpiece is only in the front taper.
In UK/ EU, 3C's are easily had (My preference because I have a set from an old Boxford) also Schaublin W10/W12, (Pricey!!)
To be fair, my view on the ER's is ONLY in respect of short chucking lengths, and I've found this true for every "wide-range" collet style.