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12-16-2009, 06:16 PM
Hi everybody
I’m new to the forum so please excuse any infringements on posting etiquette.
I’ve just acquired my first "industrial strength" NC mill, a Deckel FP2A, after using a Cowells vertical mill I converted about a year ago using much information gleaned from everyone using this site (MACH etc).
The FP2A came with a Heidenhain TS-112 touch probe. Does anyone recognise the styli and have any ideas how they attach to the body? Are replacements available anywhere?
I have the original manual which is in German as is any information on the Heidenhain website.
Not that it’s relevant to the probe styli, but the control is a TNC 355 which is quite rare on an FP2A.
I’ll be digging a bit deeper into the actual version of the 355 to get a better idea of age of everything but I suspect its very late 80s possibly 90-91 if that helps with the age of the probe.
Any info or comments on anything FP2A or TNC355 or how to economically attach a 4th axis from the driver / encoder point of view would be hugely appreciated.

12-22-2017, 06:04 PM
Did you get the probe working?

12-24-2017, 04:01 AM
Beautiful piece!