View Full Version : Users of S00011/S00010 Controlers?

12-09-2009, 11:31 AM
Hi everyone,
I'm currently looking around for a controller to convert my Harborfreight Mini Mill (Item #44991) to CNC using three of these steppers (http://www.circuitspecialists.com/products/pdf/57BYGH303.pdf).
Browsing the web I came across the interface board from www.solveering.com (http://www.solveering.com/products/products_serialstepper.html) that seems to match the specs I'm looking for quite well (as well as the price, $49 for the kit).
The issue I have is with the interface. I've spoken to one of their engineers and was told that this board uses a "different" approach in that all data is transferred over a RS232 serial bus (?) or USB that contains all the data necessary to go from point A to B not just incremental step information. The interface is not compatible with standard LPT1 setups or software so I would be tied to using their software or write my own (!)...

So here's my question: does anyone have this board (or the new S00011 that has apparently been distributed to "limited" sources) and what is your comment? The trial software seems to do a fairly good job but does that apply to a full setup with the actual board attached?
I would like to use a USB interface but am a bit affraid of making the switch to something "new".

Thanks for helping out a newbie