View Full Version : Need Help! DMG 63v ethernet drops out now and then.

11-28-2009, 01:58 AM
Has anybody set up an ethernet to a DMG63V with a TNC426 control?
I manually set the I.P address in windows, for some reason the only I.P that worked was the auto detected on the pc. The filter was this ping tested from the TNC426 perectly fine. But after a fortnight it would cut out from time to time.
I am using a twisted pair cable from PC to the TNC, the software is TNC remont.
The XP firewall is switched of, the problem always seems to be when the TNC to PC is ping tested. (XP compatibility issue?)
The RJ45 socket we are using is an internal one mounted inside the side panel, not the external type.
I typed in NET123 (mode key, edit mode) and configured the mount, ping tested, the results were random 'host respond' 3 seconds, 'timeout' 7 seconds, 'host respond'. Etc,etc.
I read somewhere that 10baseT must have an impedance of 100 ohms, does that mean adding a resistor to the cable?
Any tricks? Any thoughts please?